About Divinity Collective

Creating space for you to reconnect to self and to the divine, personally and in business

About Us

We understand that life is full of diversity, challenges, journeys and lessons. It's our mission to open a safe space for you to reconnect with yourself, understand yourself better, heal your trauma's and start thriving on your journey. We do this through all forms of energy healing so that you have all the tools you need to shine your light bright, inside and out.

Edita Hill Headshot - Divinity Collective

Edita Hill


Edita is an accountant with a love and passion for embracing the divine. Providing an all-encompassing approach to women's health and wellness, Edita loves helping and empowering women with their individual journey to self as a Certified Advanced Reiki Master Teacher, with Wellness Coaching, Flame Cupping, Sound Bowl Healer, Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Teacher, Yoga Teacher and QiGong Teacher. All of the energy practices she uses bring about healing, presence, inner awareness as well as physical changes such as flexibility, strength, energy and vitality. Edita will help you to embrace a connection between mind, body and soul in a safe environment.

Kylie Malcolm Headshot - Divinity Collective

Kylie Malcolm


Kylie has been working with wellness based businesses for over a decade. She is a Certified Advanced Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Health Coach, Sound Bowl Healer, Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Teacher, Web Designer and Business Strategist. Kylie is a natural teacher and thrives in teaching Reiki energy healing that embraces your unique abilities, supporting do-good businesses in building their own business, as well as creating a safe space for those on their divine journey alongside Edita.