Awaken Your Divine Power - 4 Hour Workshop

Awaken to your divine power with a energy healing & higher self connection workshop retreat

MARCH 12TH 2023 - 2PM

the 4 hour workshop retreat that empowers you to connect with your divine power, harness life force energy and embrace who you truly are. (wine included!)


Activating and embracing your divine journey just got a little easier. 

This holiday workshop is a unique experience of diving into understanding universal energy, cleansing  energies, harnessing life force energy and connecting to your higher self and the divine with ease.

A beautiful space that gives you the opportunity to own who you are and step into your divine power, with guidance and support. A place where there is no judgement on where you are at on your journey. A warm and nurturing cocoon of energy where you can have a little fun in the process.

Finish the year off amplifying your divine power, take some time out on your own, with a friend, your mum or daughter, and remove stagnant energy and blockages to make way for an amazing start to 2023.

Your divine journey starts here!

What's included:

  • Cleansing Workshop

    Cleansing Workshop

    Learn how to cleanse your home of negative energies as well as cleanse yourself of any negative attachments and unwanted feelings to embrace moving forward. Includes handout and cheat sheet to take home as well as a Mini Cleansing Kit. 

  • ENergy Healing Workshop

    Energy Healing Workshop

    Understand universal energy and how you can harness it any time you like for calming, cleansing, clearing and self-healing. Without Reiki attunement, we are all capable of energy healing at a level of 25% capacity. We will teach you how to harness universal energy. 

  • Qigong Workshop

    Life Force Energy Workshop

    Discover how to harness your own life force energy and open the flow of energy within for deeper healing through spiritual and martial Qigong movements. Your energy flow awakens for better sleep, deeper connection to self, organ healing and clarity of thoughts. You will learn basic Qigong principles to take home with you including a printed guide on basic qigong movements. 

  • Chakra Cleansing Workshop

    Chakra Cleansing Workshop

    Learn how to energetically clear stagnant energy in your chakras so that you can do this at home anytime. We all hold most of our energy in the lower 3 chakras, so it's important to learn how to clear these of any unwanted feelings so that you can embrace your divine path without blockages. Includes a sheet to take home.  

  • Breathwork and Meditation

    Breathwork & Meditation

    A light breathwork session to calm the nervous system and open space for your connection to your higher self through a guided meditation. We will connect your higher self (your direct connection to the divine) and walk you through meeting your higher self and receiving messages. 

  • Sound Bowl Healing square

    Sound Healing & Group Reiki Session

    During the workshop retreat, we will be giving each participant Reiki at an Advanced Reiki Master Teacher level individually and as a group. On top of that, we will be using sound bowls throughout to amplify the healing processes to make way for positive, healing energy to radiate through you. 

  • Oracle Card Workshop

    Oracle Card Workshop with Wine

    You'll learn how to receive divine messages and guidance with the use of Oracle & Angel cards. We will teach you how to use cards in your own way and how to read your messages that come through. We'll be providing a glass of wine or two (or a cup of tea) with some nibbles so that you can relax at the end with all that you have learned during the workshop retreat. Includes handouts and journal sheets. 

Awaken Divine Retreat Gift Box

Plus Bonus gift pack to take home!

On top of all that, you'll receive a beautiful take home gift pack to ensure your divine transition is smooth for 2023. Your gift pack includes: 

  • Mini Cleansing Kit
  • Organic Incense cones with holder
  • Cleansing Spray with 100% pure essential oils
  • Reiki Infused Crystal
  • Affirmation Candle with Crystals
  • Crystal Earrings
  • Handouts and guide printouts to take home


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APRIL 15th, 2PM

Refreshments include wine, tea, water and platter of foods.

Suitable for ages 16+ (note that participants must be 18 years or above to consume alcohol)

Frequently Asked Questions

Client love for our mini retreats

"Just want to thank you so much for a fabulous night at the mini retreat. We all had such a good time and felt so much better because of you. Thank you"

- TL -

"Each time I leave the mini retreat I feel so blissed out and reconnected to myself. I get such profound messages that give me space to move on. Having that time out each time you run them gives me such an incredible feeling. My husband and daughter say that I am happier too. Thank you!"

- KM -

"Edita's warm and welcoming presence sets the scene for a wonderful, inward journey. The mini retreat makes you feel present in the moment and to connect with yourself, as well as other women. It's an uplifting and emotional experience that helps you gain insight & reflection of your past, present and future. Everyone's experience is unique. Edita has a natural ability to create a healing environment for all"


Hosted by:

Edita Hill Headshot - Divinity Collective

Edita Hill

advanced Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Qigong Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Teacher, flame cupping, wellness coach.
Kylie Malcolm Headshot - Divinity Collective

Kylie Malcolm

Advanced Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Health Coach, Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Teacher, Wellness Business Strategist.