The Divine Business Retreat

The 2 Day Business Beginner Workshop & Retreat for women to Plan, Map and Launch your Do-Good Business.


The perfect all-inclusive weekend workshop for Coaches, Holistic Trainers, Teachers and Practitioners wanting to map, plan and launch a business.

Oh, did we mention a free website is included?

Divinity Collective - Energy Healing and Retreats

Starting a business without any business or online knowledge is hard. Let's not sugar coat it anymore.

Besides, sugar is bad, right!? There's...

  • Building out business plans
  • Creating a brand and logo (Wait! What is a brand again!?)
  • Writing (and re-writing) your website content
  • Designing your website (Where do you even start with that?)
  • Understanding bookkeeping and finances
  • The system and technology and all the buzzwords and jargon
  • And that's just the beginning...

So you hope, pray and try manifesting a solution to save you the heartache, and to open space for conscious creation of your business.

Relax, Beautiful Soul. We are here to help you. 

Our divine purpose is to give you, the soul-led entrepreneur, all the tools you need to simplify the complex processes so that you can have a happy, thriving start to your business. The Divine Business Retreat will see you kicking goals and making progress, gaining crystal clear clarity on your business and your goals.

You'll be inspired, motivated, and have plenty of time to connect within through our unique business process that opens the doors of connecting in with your higher-self, the divine and your angels. Messages are waiting for you to guide you on your business path, and we are here to help you open the channels.

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Divinity Collective - Energy Healing and Retreats

The Divine Business Retreat is perfect for women who:

  • Are ready to start a business, but don't know how
  • Have a skill to offer the world that is waiting to be shared
  • Recently have been certified or never used their certification
  • Want to redesign their current small business offering
  • Are passionate about their do-good, service based business
  • Want to make a positive impact on people's lives
  • Want a Business in a Box type of approach to getting it done
  • Need all the tools and resources to hit the ground running

Who is The Divine Business Retreat for?

For all Soul-Led or Do-Good entrepreneurs or businesses starting out or starting again, needing to get their business off the ground.

It's for: 

Health & Wellness Coaches

Yoga Teachers

Holistic Practitioners & Teachers

Reiki & Energy Practitioners

Intuitive Businesses

Spiritual Leaders

Multi Modality Entrepreneurs

Or ANY Do-Good business wanting to make an impact on the world.

This is not your standard business workshop or retreat.

It is a serious, get sh*t done kind of thing.

That includes divine connection with action & effort.

It is for women READY to ignite the fire.

We'll go through all the fundamentals of your business, such as...

Your Why

Your Why

Understand the why so you can master the how when it comes to your business.

Business Plan

Business Plan

You'll create a business plan, plan your products and services, pricing and more.

Your books


Understanding business finances and maintaining your records. 

the website


Craft up the basic elements to your website content with a clear direction. 

target market


Know the right marketing methods for you (hint, it may not require socials!)

BUT, we'll do it with divine tools and holistic methods such as:

Divine Business Retreat - Sound
Divine Business Retreat - Qiyoga
Divine Business Retreat - Meditation
Divine Business Retreat - Group Reiki
Divine Business Retreat - Breathwork

How will this help my business?

You see, we do things a little differently.

We aren't going to give you death by powerpoint presentations, or some run of the mill workbooks that are all fluff and no substance.

We aren't offering a zen-zone retreat filled with lettuce and smoothies either.

Instead, we are giving you a unique opportunity of going deep into your business, mapping it, crafting it, getting to know it on a divine level and then handing you the tools and resources to actually make it happen.

Have you heard of conscious creation?

We combine real business knowledge and processes that one of our founders have successfully used in multiple do-good businesses as a starting point to move on to 6 figures, along with energy work, breath and meditation to consciously craft exactly what your business needs from you.

So if you are ready to step up and into the magickal power of your soul-led or Do-Good business, then you, our dear friend, are about to ignite the flame and never look back.

Here are all the epic inclusions that you get with your one of a kind business retreat experience:

All inclusive Divine Business Retreat
VALUE: $2100


High up in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland mountains, minutes from Maleny, you will be cocooned by nature for 2.5 days. You can choose between shared room (dorm room single bed option), share a queen bed with a friend (queen share option), premium queen bed (queen room alone) or single room (single bed, single room option). Also included is your meals (Friday lunch and dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast), snacks, coffee, tea and some alcoholic beverages. 

Divine Business Workshops
VALUE: $2000


Immerse yourself fully into a business intensive workshop over 2.5 days. We will dive deep into your purpose, your why, your blocks, your business plan, financial plan and give you all the tools to get your business online with ease. This is a time to withdraw from the daily grind and learn how to have a new relationship with your business and soul. The workshops are full of learning, planning, stilling your mind and manifesting new opportunities, thoughts and ideas. It's time to birth your business in time for 2023.

Divine Soul Expansion Experience
VALUE: $1800


Learn to listen to your soul and connect deeply with yourself, nature and others. Deepen your meditation and business practices with powerful techniques including Yoga, Qigong, Sound Immersions, Oracle Cards, Breathwork and Group Reiki Healing. Allowing all these different modalities to take you exactly where your business needs to be and to break through any barriers holding you back. You'll leave feeling refreshed and ready to implement everything you learn for your business to make 2023 an epic year. 

DC Business Affirmation Cards (1)
VALUE: $33


We have created our very own Divinity Collective Business Affirmation Card Deck that was created with Divine and Do-Good Businesses in mind. We've carefully crafted up a total of 50 business affirmations that are going to give you the ongoing inspiration you need to really make a big impact on the world. The deck is pocket size, perfect to take with you everywhere your business goes.

Bonus Website Design
Value: $2200


Yes you read that right! We are gifting you a 1 Page Website Design from one of our template website offerings that includes a landing page, optional blog page and 3 legal pages (making it a total of 5 pages of content that is only 1 page of actual website content). You'll also get a logo design from one of our template logos if you don't have one already so that your business can shine online once we have mapped it all out during the retreat. On top of that, you'll get a free ebook to offer on your site and set up your mailing list and online scheduler to take appointments. 

This sounds amazing! Where and when?

Next retreat is 2023


Address and times provided upon booking, AND YES that waterfall is on site for you to explore

Love is the key to moving forward


Let's get super real for a moment. The Divine Business Retreat is NOT for you if you:

  • Already have a business that is thriving
  • Don't need to map out your business, you've got it covered
  • Already have a website that you love and adore
  • Don't want to do the work to get your business going
  • Aren't ready to commit to your business (even at least part time)
  • Only want a hobby instead of a business (time to get real with yourself!)
  • Or, aren't sure what your purpose is in life

"I would recommend this retreat. It is well organised and communication is great. It was a great mix of yoga, self awareness and spiritual ceremonies. It was conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, with no pressure. I think anyone from any background would find benefit in attending this retreat."

- Maureen, May 2022 Retreat -

"I've been to many retreats, in different countries, and can honestly say that this was everything that my mind, body and soul needed, AND MORE! The girls have your best interests at heart and hold space for you to really connect with yourself, discover new parts you didn't know existed, and leave feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to face the world. There was not one thing I did not enjoy about this retreat. I will be coming to every one you host. Thank you."

- MK, May 2022 Retreat -

Retreat Upgrades!


Bonus Website Design

Website Upgrade

Bonus upgrade from a 1 page to a 5 page website

VALUE: $2500

Divine Business Premium Logo Upgrade

Logo Upgrade

Bonus upgrade to a Premium Template Logo

VALUE: $50

Divine Business Template Pack Upgrade

Template Pack

Bonus done-for-you email & ebook templates

VALUE: $490

Kylie Malcolm Headshot - Divinity Collective

Strategy Session

Bonus 30 minute strategy session with Kylie

VALUE: $150

Edita Hill Headshot - Divinity Collective

30min Session

Bonus 30 minute session with Edita (See FAQ's)

VALUE: $150

Join Us at The Divine Business Retreat

2023 dates to be confirmed, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Plan, create, manifest and launch your business with ease to get your business ready for 2023.

Your business is waiting for you to show up.

Note: Upgrades and accommodation room options are available for each ticket at checkout.

PAYMENT PLANS: Please request an invoice for a payment plan by emailing us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is everything you need to know about the Divine Business Retreat

Meet Your Workshop & Retreat Hosts

Edita Hill Headshot - Divinity Collective



Providing an all-encompassing approach to women's personal and business health and wellness, Edita is a naturally intuitive coach who loves helping and empowering women with their journey to mastering their life through Business Advice, Reiki, Flame Cupping, Wellness Coaching, Meditation, Sound, Yoga and QiGong. Edita helps you tap into your life force for maximum impact on the world. Edita currently runs 2 businesses.

Kylie Malcolm Headshot - Divinity Collective



With a passion for holistic modalities, Kylie has been mentoring health, wellness and do-good businesses to shine online through Business Strategy and Website Design. Kylie is globally known for her websites, having helped thousands of practitioners launch online with ease. Kylie uses intuition and tapping into consciousness to help you achieve your success in business or in your personal life. Kylie currently runs 5 businesses.