Full Body Energetic Adjustment

Realignment of your physical body on an energetic level. Advanced Reiki technique for pain and feel good body vibes.

Full Body Energetic Adjustment Reiki Energy Healing Session in Wynnum

Using Advanced Reiki Energy Healing techniques at a Master level, a Full Body Energetic Adjustment is a complete adjustment of your skeletal and muscular system on an energetic level. Combining the mind and spirit to adjust your physical body on an energetic level, this full body therapy is a must have when you feel limited in your physical ability.

This is basically an amplified Reiki Session that focuses on your bones, muscles and body structure, looking for pain, tightness and negative blockages, to then adjust your body on an energetic level - bringing harmony and balance back to the body.

We will work with you just like a regular Reiki Session, laying on the Reiki table/bed. There is no physical adjustment at all due to working with you on a deep energy level. We will start at the hips and work our way up your spine, down your hands and legs, removing any stagnant energy and blockages along the way.

This practice is a wonderful way to feel energetically realigned with your physical self. 



We are not taking new clients for this session at the moment. If you wish to learn more, please email us HERE

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