Past Life Trauma Healing

Reconnecting soul fragments from past lives so that you can move forward in this one

Past Life Trauma Healing Session in Wynnum

Using Advanced Reiki Energy Healing techniques at a Master level, Past Life Trauma Healing Sessions go deep into understanding past lives so that we can move forward in this current lifetime.

All our experiences from past lives, particularly trauma based experiences, can create blockages that you may not be aware of. Experiences such as physical trauma, betrayal, shame, guilt and emotional trauma can be little messengers for what we need to know to walk our divine path suddenly with ease and grace.

If you feel sometimes that no matter what you do or try, you are unable to move forward with your life in certain areas or aspects, then this can be a sign that you perhaps need to understand a past life to remove the block and continue on in a more positive way with your life.

Some examples might be:

  • Unable to move forward in life no matter what you do - perhaps you may have been traumatised by a physical injury in a past life
  • Constantly have failed relationships - perhaps your loved one in a past life caused you distress or betrayed you
  • Feel like you are always in the wars - perhaps you fought in a war in your past life and lost the battle with guilt

When this happens, your soul in a way, leaves behind small fragments that remain unhealed or unresolved. It's only once we return these fragments that we can truly start to feel whole again and move forward with purpose. With a sense of one-ness with ourselves.

When we re-connect your soul fragments to your higher self, you may start to see deep healing or releases that you couldn't quite achieve before.

Here's what happens during a session: 

  • Firstly, we calm your nervous system by working on your parasympathetic system with Advanced Reiki techniques by stimulating the Vagus Nerve.
  • After this, we will ensure a strong connection to your higher self.
  • We will then work on increasing your vibrational level to show past life fragments
  • After seeing past life trauma's, we will begin working with Angelic Healings to allow the soul fragments to be resolved and returned to your higher self in a healed complete state.

While these sessions are best done in person, they can be done via Distant Reiki Session.


We are not taking new clients for this session at the moment. If you wish to learn more, please email us HERE