Reiki Certification via Distant Attunement

Learn Reiki Level One, Two and Three (Master Level) via online/distant attunement with our Reiki Masters at Divinity Collective

Distant Attunement for Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 (Master)

At Divinity Collective, we are certified using the Traditional Dr. Usui methods of Reiki at a Reiki Master Teacher level. So you can be assured that you are being attuned correctly under the Usui Ryoho Reiki training methods.

Included in your distant attunement you will receive your Reiki Training Manual and an online attunement with one of our Reiki Masters (Kylie or Edita). Online attunement means that we cannot certify you as Traditional Level One due to the traditional requirement of in-person attunement for formal qualifications. Your Reiki Level One Certificate will state you were attuned via distant methods, not formal in-person methods. This does not impact your Reiki abilities or strength.

Online Reiki Course Distant Attunement

Here's what you will receive with your Online Reiki Course Certificate via Distant Attunement: 

  • Digital Reiki Training Manual & Guide (for the level you have purchased)
  • Level specific Reiki Symbols
  • 30 Minute Zoom discussion of your training manual with Q&A.
  • Reiki Attunement via Zoom call for your Reiki Level
  • Reiki Certificate (stating via Distant Attunement) for your level
  • Email support whenever you need it for the first 30 days

Where do you start? At Reiki Level One. 

If you have never trained in Reiki before or been attuned, then you will need to purchase Reiki Level One Distant Attunement first. If you purchase Level Two or Three, we will need you to verify and prove that you have been attuned to the previous levels before we can attune you. If you have been attuned by Divinity Collective for your previous levels, there is no need to verify this information as we will have this on file.

Online Reiki Course Training Level 1-3

Upon purchase, you will have immediate access to your training manual to get started. 

Your Reiki Masters

Kylie Malcolm Headshot - Divinity Collective

Kylie Malcolm

Reiki Master Teacher

Edita Hill Headshot - Divinity Collective

Edita Hill

Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Certification: Distant Attunement

Frequently Asked Questions

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