Reiki Level Two Certification in Wynnum

Learn Traditional Usui Reiki Level Two via in-person attunement with an Advanced Reiki Master Teacher

In Person Traditional Attunement for Reiki Level Two

We are certified using the Traditional Dr. Usui methods of Reiki at an Advanced Reiki Master Teacher level. So you can be assured that you are being attuned correctly under the Usui Ryoho Reiki training methods.

Included in your Reiki Level Two Course, you will receive your Reiki Training Manual and an in-person attunement with one of our Reiki Masters (Kylie or Edita). In-Person attunement means that we can certify you as Traditional Level Two Reiki Practitioner, due to the traditional requirement of in-person attunement for formal qualifications. Your Reiki Level Two Certificate will state you were attuned via traditional methods.

Reiki Level Two Training Wynnum Manly Divinity Collective

Here's what you learn during your Reiki Level Two Course & Training:

  • Further history of Reiki Lineage
  • The 3 Pillars of Reiki
  • How to give Distant Reiki with practice and theory
  • The different methods of Distant Reiki
  • Reiki at a professional level
  • Hand positions for chronic conditions and specific ailments
  • Timeline Reiki
  • Cleansing Aura's and chakras on others
  • Hands on training with your Reiki Master
  • Further spiritual development

Here's what's included in our Reiki Level Two Course: 

  • Printed Reiki Level Two Training Manual 
  • Reiki Level Two Attunements
    • 2 Traditional Reiki Symbols via in-person attunement
    • 5 Non-Traditional Reiki Symbols
  • Hands on training with an Advanced Reiki Master Teacher
  • Reiki Level Two Certificate
  • Email support whenever you need it
  • Light snacks and refreshments
  • Reiki Level Two Box with practitioner goodies - Valued at $90.
Reiki Level 2 Box

NOTE: You MUST be attuned to Level One in order to complete Level Two. 

Jane Pitman Level Two Reiki Training
Edita Jazz Level One
Rene Level Two Reiki Training 2

Reiki Level two In-Person Attunement

Group or 1:1 Course

Your Reiki Masters

Kylie Malcolm Headshot - Divinity Collective

Kylie Malcolm

Advanced Reiki Master Teacher

Edita Hill Headshot - Divinity Collective

Edita Hill

Advanced Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Level Two:
Second Degree Usui Method of Natural Healing

Currently unavailable - waitlist until November.

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