Reiki Card Deck for Practitioners

The Reiki Level One Practitioner Card Deck will enhance your Reiki practice and experience.

A first for Reiki Practitioners

Amplify your Reiki and fast track your skills with our very own Reiki Practitioner Card Decks

We've spent months developing our Reiki Practitioner Decks, ensuring the highest quality in cheat sheets, guides, symbol representation and graphics. The cards are unique, with nothing like this in the market to date.

As Reiki Master Teachers in the Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho Methods, we wanted a portable, handy guide for practitioners at all levels to use. We remembered what it was like sifting through hand written scribbled notes and  training manuals, trying to remember how to use each symbol and what sequence they went in.

And this is how the Reiki Practitioner Card Decks were born.

Reiki Level One Practitioner Cards 7

Here's what's inside the deck of 38 cards:

  • The 5 Reiki Principles
  • Chakra Guide and Chart
  • How to use your symbols
  • 3 Level One symbol cards with explanations
  • Reiki Session Quick Guide
  • Reiki Self Treatment cards, with 18 positions with visuals and explanations
  • Reiki Full Body Treatment cards, with 12 positions with visuals and explanations
  • Rapid Reiki Treatment cards, with 9 positions with visuals
  • Animal Reiki hand positions and chakra points

These are perfect for Reiki Level One Practitioners, and Level Two for when you would prefer flash cards when practicing and conducting Reiki Sessions. Created by two Reiki Master Teachers, Kylie Malcolm and Edita Hill, these cards are a must have for every Reiki Level One Initiate.

The cards are beautifully designed and professionally printed on high quality, high definition silk card with a protective coating and rounded corners.

This deck includes 38 cards that have been printed on both sides, making it a smaller deck to manage.

Reiki Level One Practitioner Cards 4
Reiki Level One Practitioner Cards 1

The deck comes with a soft cotton drawstring bag to keep them safe.

If you need a little helping hand with your Reiki, these cards are the perfect solution so that you don't have to keep looking through your Reiki manual. They are portable, making them a handy way to take your Reiki on the road without having to take your manuals and notes with you.

Reiki Level One Card Deck


Looking to buy this deck wholesale?

We will have the cards ready for wholesale by the end of November, printed with barcode and ready for sale in your shop or for your Reiki students. Get in touch to learn more about wholesale pricing.